Photoshop Makeover

PROBLEM: Wire, wires, wires, more wires and, oh, a telephone pole. Stop sign in bush and flat sky. SOLVED: No wires and new sky. Image warmed up.
PROBLEM: Client needed a dramatic exterior photo showcasing the interior lighting and peak spring bloom. The photo was a time exposure at 10:00 PM. SOLVED: The image was lightened and straightened, clouds and sky added and wires removed.
PROBLEM: Capturing a brilliant sunset and exposing for both interior and exterior light. Late fall reveals yard problems, scattered leaves and some bare trees. In addition, the eight second exposure blows out the sky and casts sky reflections in two banks of windows. SOLVED: Sunset is added and painted to match the early evening light. Grass is greened, leafs added and window reflections minimized. Home is selectively dodged and burned.
PROBLEM: Fantastic shot - almost! Harsh shadows and overexposed floor, water and sky. SOLVED: The upper wood is lightened, harsh lamp shadow diminished, blue and clouds added to the sky, color added to the lake on the right and floor boards colored adding board definition.
PROBLEM: Client needed a visual representation of project to get financing. SOLVED: Image was photoshopped by adding porches, windows, landscaping and driveway.